Contemporary Chinese art and film:theory applied and resisted


作者:editor by Jason C. Kuo

出版年:2013, c2012.

出版社:New Academia Publishing

出版地:Washington, DC



分類:歐美文學  英文書  


The present volume focuses on the uses of theory originating in non-Chinese places in the creation, curating, and criticism of contemporary Chinese visual culture. In the past two decades, contemporary Chinese art and film have attracted a great deal of media and academic attention in the West, and scholars have adopted a variety of approaches in Chinese film and visual studies. The present volume focuses on the uses and status of theory originating in non-Chinese places in the creation, curating, narration, and criticism of contemporary Chinese visual culture (broadly defined to include traditional media in the visual arts as well as cinema, installation, video, etc.). Contributors reflect on the written and, even more interestingly, the unwritten assumptions on the part of artists, critics, historians, and curators in applying or resisting Western theories. The essays in the present volume demonstrate clearly that Western theory can be useful in explicating Chinese text, as long as it is applied judiciously.

  • Acknowledgments
  • Note on Transcription
  • Introduction
  • 1. Traces of Empire: Deconstructing Hou Hanru’s “Postcolonialist” Reading of Contemporary Chinese Art Paul Gladston
  • 2. The Art World of Post-Deng China: Market, Globalization, and Cultural Nationalism Meiqin Wang
  • 3. The International Identity of Chinese Art: Theoretical Debates on Chinese Contemporary Art in the 1990s Yiyang Shao
  • 4. Oh Father, Where Art Thou? A Bakhtinian Reading of Luo Zhongli’s Father Stephen J. Goldberg
  • 5. Imperious Griffonage: Xu Bing and the Graphic Regime Hajime Nakatani
  • 6. The Discursive Formation of the Role of the Independent Curator in Taiwan during the 1990s Po-shin Chiang, Translated by Michael Fei
  • 7. Encircling the City: Peasant Migration in Contemporary Chinese Media Ping Fu
  • 8. Between Realism and Romanticism: Queering Gender Representation in Cui Zi’en’s Night Scene Megan M. Ferry
  • 9. Couching Race in the Global Era: Intra-Asian Racism in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Nick Kaldis
  • 10. Filmic Transposition of the Roses: Stanley Kwan’s Feminine Response to Eileen Chang’s Women Joyce Chi-hui Liu
  • 11. Ethnicity, Nationality, Translocality: A Critical Reflection on the Question of Theory in Chinese Film Studies Yingjin Zhang
  • Notes
  • About the Editor
  • About the Contributors